CASTCO offers one stop investment casting solutions from manufacturing of wax pattern injection tooling to machined finished casting parts. Precision Investment Castings can be produced with high properties in a wide range alloys. The flexibility of process allows limitless alloy selection.
Investment casting is particularly advantageous for precision parts of intricate design. Thin walls, down to 0.8 mm, can be cast readily. Surfaces have a smooth matte appearance with a roughness in the range of a 63-125 µ” (1.6-3.2 µm)..
The selection process requires understanding of casting alloy properties and matching it to the design parameter of casting part. Please contact CASTCO with your requirements, involvement CASTCO during design phase gives an opportunity our customers to increase castability of their designs at the start of the process.


Most metal castings are made by pouring molten metal into a prepared cavity and allowing it to solidify. The process dates from antiquity. Investment casting (the lost-wax process) is one of the oldest metal “casting” process known to man.
The industrial process, “investment casting” as it is now termed was developed in the early 1940’s. The process is unique in the spectrum of “casting techniques” through its ability to produce as-cast component possessing a very high degree of dimensional accuracy and surface finish, combined with virtually unlimited freedom of design.
Over the past 40 years, investment castings have been used extensively in many applications primarily because of their excellent characteristics. The majority of investment castings weigh less than 3kg, but there is a trend to produce larger castings in the 5-15 kg range. Castings weight up to 400 kg have been poured in this process


CASTCO has invested into manufacturing of wax pattern injection tooling department to meet specific tooling requirements of our customers.
Fully integrated tool room with latest CAD and CNC technology enables us to manufacture wax pattern injection tools, checking fixtures and jigs suitable for precision investment casting process.


3D printing technology offers designers, engineers, developers and innovators to ability manufacture investment cast parts directly from a CAD model. It is where the digital manufacturing technology meets one of oldest manufacturing processes. CASTCO has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing of castings from 3D printed models.
There are various 3D printing fabrication processes that can be used to replace the wax pattern. The choice could be complicated and difficult. Please contact us to find the best technological application for your Rapid Prototype requirements.